Weekly Home Improvement Updates

by admin | 23rd May 2010

Did some work on the website, it’s still got some kinks we’re working on but stop by & check it out. | - http://ht.ly/1NZSS # Read More

Window Replacement

by admin | 11th May 2010

In addition to glass block we do replacement windows.  We use high quality durable windows that help to conserve energy & require low maintenance.  So if you are looking to upgrade your existing windows we deal with some of the most attractive & stylish choices in the industry. The windows are designed with the highest standards [...] Read More

Weekly Home Improvement Updates

by admin | 4th April 2010

Thinking about replacing your windows in the Houston area? | http://www.houstonwindowsreplacement.com # Read More

Weekly Home Improvement Updates

by admin | 28th March 2010

Glass Block installs, Window Replacements, Glass Flooring, you need it in the Houston area, give me a call. | http://www.classicglassblocktexas.com # Did a job in Dickinson yesterday, a Glass Block window to replace some hurricane Ike damage. This was my furry helper. http://ow.ly/i/OOg # Replaced a bathroom window w/ some glass block out in Alvin, TX [...] Read More

Weekly Home Improvement Updates

by admin | 14th March 2010

The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides energy conservation incentives for homeowners. - houstonwindowsreplacement.com/ # Are you looking for stylish & attractive Windows that can also offer you durability, low maintenance, & energy savings? - http://ow.ly/1gp9c # Read More

Weekly Home Improvement Updates

by admin | 24th January 2010

Did a job out in Sugarland. The family had been broken into, tied up & held at gun point. I installed 2 glass block windows in the bathroom # A burglary occurs somewhere in the US every 15.4 secs, it takes only a few secs to get through a tempered glass window. Not w/ [...] Read More

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