Weekly Home Improvement Updates

by admin | 18th October 2009

I called the day after my house was broken into. Larry got here w/ in 3 hrs & had my glass block window installed w/ in 6 http://ow.ly/tRDv # Check out the site. http://www.classicglassblocktexas.com/ # Baby Boomers Want Convenience and Energy Efficiency in New Homes According to New Survey - 9/15/2009 http://ow.ly/tRM8 # Stay classy Houston! [...] Read More

Weekly Home Improvement Updates v1

by admin | 11th October 2009

Here’s a pretty good look at one of our glass block tub walls. - http://ow.ly/rlZH # Ever thought about a view through your floor? Check this. - http://ow.ly/rLeR # Architects are Rediscovering Glass Block - http://ow.ly/tveg # @GlassBlockTx made #23 on CalFinder’s blog “25 Coolest Replacement Window Tweeps” - http://www.calfinder.com/l/w Thanks, @CF_Windows! # Read More

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